Bates Dance Festival 2013

This summer marks my fourth summer at the Bates Dance Festival in some capacity; my second as a full-time staff member of the Youth Arts Program. I love this place! I write this entry Saturday night, one full week into the program. I've seen amazing performances as part of the festival, had epic jam sessions with incredible musicians, and I've even gone roller skating! Coming up this week: the Musician's Concert. I'm excited to perform for a wonderful community, with great musicians in a wide variety of styles, in a beautiful hall with a great sound technician. It's a blessing.

From last year's camp: leading a small string ensemble, rehearsing for the Bates Finale Concert! 

Alison Chase @ 92nd St Y

ACP Dan_ArtofPartneringPerformance.jpg

This week I'm in New York City, working with Alison Chase / Performance on a weeklong masterclass series called "Art at the Heart of Partnering". The company teaches professional dancers tools for improvisation and weight sharing, plus lots of other general awesomeness. Then, Friday the 10th, I'll be performing our new collaborative work, "Red Weather", as part of the culminating show. Also featured will be new improvisations and an Alison Chase classic: "Tsu-Ku-Tsu".

OST CD Release Party


Next Friday (May 3rd), Orquesta Sin Trabajo is holding a CD release party, to celebrate our new album, ¡Viva Tango! Please join us at the New England Tango Academy, where we will be playing as part of their Milonga Nueva (a monthly event). There is a quiz on the band that, if you're coming, you should fill out: each correct answer equals one entry in a contest to win a free CD. NOTE: This event was rescheduled from a previous date due to extraordinary events in Boston.