Trifecta is my second collaboration with tabla virtuoso Rajesh Bhandari (for our earlier work, see below), and my first recording with cellist Joy Adams. Now available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more.

SKETCHES is an album of music in collaboration with tabla player Rajesh Bhandari. You can click through to our BandCamp page for more details, or to buy the album.

Photo Credit: Susan Wilson Photography, 2012

Photo Credit: Susan Wilson Photography, 2012

"Afro Latidos" by Henrique Eisenmann

Recording from the New England Conservatory Honors Ensemble concert (Jordan Hall, 4/16/2012)

with Henrique Eisenmann, piano; Oliver Watkinson, bass; Charles Burchell, drums

"Nada" by Miguel Caló, performed by Orquesta Sin Trabajo

Recording from album, "Viva Tango!" Recorded at Wellspring Sound, Acton, MA

with Mari Black, violin; Tilly Kimm, piano; Carlos Moreno, bandoneón