Yo Yo Ma at the Kennedy Center

Recently, I watched a talk given by Yo-Yo Ma at the Kennedy Center for the Arts. In it, he talks about the importance of music (and more generally arts) education in this country. The NPR post I link to here does a nice job of summarizing the big ideas (which Ma states near the end of the talk), so I will not repeat them here.

Please, take an hour and watch the talk, and you cannot help but be convinced at how important the arts are in education. I firmly believe music should be a core subject in schools nationwide, and in this articulate and compelling talk Yo-Yo articulates this belief better than I have been able to thus far.

That is why I am sharing the video: I think you should watch it. I will use this blog section of my website to discuss my thoughts on music education and music-in-education, as well as other things I find interesting.

For now, go watch the talk.